Call A Friend Project, 2022
Curators Oksana Yushko and Aishat Adueva
Installation view of the exhibition 'Call A Friend' | White Room 24.02.2022-26.03.2022

Call a Friend is a project in transition, in which contemporary artists answer an open call, reflecting on the theme of communication, social connections, and friendship.
Public events series bring to the light cultural initiatives, boundary-breaking art and multidisciplinary collaborations, and make a timely contribution to discussions about art as one of the powerful communication form across different cultures.
The concept of friendship binding multi-national population, different people and countries, has changed through time with the rise of new social media and technologies with various consequences.
What is the contemporary meaning of friendship? The exhibition Call a Friend represents art works reflecting on existing relationships, real or fake interactions, ‘making kin in a world that rips us apart from each other'.
To whom we would call and who we call a friend? The title itself call to action and expand kin networks and communities of peers, collaborations in art and culture, exceeding existing boundaries.
Representing communication as a playful yet complex game process, the project reflects on various aspects of kinship networks, art and cultural landscapes from perspectives of difficult heritage, post-trauma and post-truth.
Call a Friend project is ‘the change of scale or pace or pattern' in the views, a call to action which could make a difference.
The exhibition itself and accompanying public events is a podium, a contact zone for representation of a wide range of thoughts, visions, and concepts worldwide.

Artists of the first exhibition
Giya Iggdrasil
Ruslan Mazloyev
Ali Suleymanov
Zara Salgiriyeva
Milana Khalilova
Zaurbek Tsugayev
Jose Bautista