Russia-Ukraine, 2014-2022
This war, like any war, is never supposed to happen.
I started FAMILIA project in 2014 with the photograph of my parents living in Kharkiv, Ukraine, located only a thirty minutes drive from the Russian-Ukrainian border.
Since that time the conflict in the East­ern Ukraine has torn two countries apart, though Russians and Ukrainians are both Slavic people and have always been close — about half of Ukrainians have families or close friends in Russia and vice versa.
Since the Russian invasion to Ukraine many Russians and Ukrainians haven't been seeing themselves as neighbors any more, they became enemies.
But my loving parents, as many of mixed families in both countries, are simply a fact of life from the past, and their life has never been political.
I was born in Ukraine, and have been living in Russia already for 25 years. With my Russian mother and Ukrainian father, I feel that ‘the contact line’ goes exactly through my body now.
In 2014, showing the crisis not only in the country but inside the families, helping people to understand the whole tragedy and its reasons, ‘love conquerors all’ was constantly in my mind.
Families and friends were split then, and now they split again by full-scale invasion, which was unthinkable.
Anti-war protests go everywhere in the world. Sentiments against war come natural to people, but diplomacy and negotiations have failed to prevent it.
My photos aren’t about politics, they speak of people. As many I tried to find a framework for peace in future, reconstructing cross-border and family ties that have endured for centuries.
While the war goes on, it’s nearly impossible, we should stop the war first.
A peace perspective emphasizes that we need to focus on things that require us to unite as opposed to divide.
Standing with love and humanity I think ahead, trying to act immediately, even if it takes centuries again.
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Engelina Georgievna and Viktor Kuzmich live in Kharkov, Ukraine. This is where the project began, with my Russian mother and Ukrainian father. They met in college at Kharkov State University, and have lived together more than 50 years.