Russia-Ukraine, 2014-2019
The conflict in Eastern Ukraine has raged for more than two years now, pushing to the brink anti-Ukrainian sentiment in Russia and anti-Russian sentiment in Ukraine. But the ties between Russia and Ukraine have always been close, and not just in a political sense: you can find Ukrainian relatives in just about any Russian family. I started this project with the photograph of my own parents: my mother is Russian, my father is Ukrainian. They met and fell in love many years ago. My friends, my family and myself, we live in two worlds, in two countries, but we live beyond international borders and prejudices. Recent events have shocked us all. Terrible things are happening. But my photos aren’t about politics; they speak of people. We still have a chance for a better future, we hope that we will remain friends, that we will always understand each other. Those of you who live in Ukraine and Russia and who would like to join me in this project and tell their stories, the stories of their families and values, you are welcome to contact me.
#peace #nowar #noborders #friendship #love #photography

Engelina Georgievna and Viktor Kuzmich live in Kharkov, Ukraine. This is where the project began, with my Russian mother and Ukrainian father. They met in college at Kharkov State University, and have lived together more than 50 years.