Call A Friend Project 2.0.22
Curators Oksana Yushko and Aishat Adueva
Series of events and discussions.

Call A Friend 2.0.22 is the second issue of the project in transition, bringing to you voices of contemporary artists answering a call and questions concerning communication, social connections, and friendship.
The new crises, past traumas and its consequences have transformed cultural landscapes and communication strategies, replacing them with new social frames, restrictions and borders.
Call a friend is a call to action which could make a difference.
The Caucasus itself with its multicultural landscape is a spot of interest and a space for polylogs and many voices to be heard.
Each sound of these voices is important for understanding the whole picture.
‘Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.’
Currently we are working on the next issue in the Caucasus with public program series starting in April 2023,
building cross-border bridges and representing boundary-breaking art and multidisciplinary cultural exchange. We are against war and violence in any country.